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Evangelism: How To Engage A Culture With The Gospel

One voice said, “Why don’t you just go on home? It is impolite to disrupt this man’s conversation. You can find a better opportunity some other time.”

Almost as quickly, another voice said, “But what if this man’s house would be burning down. Would you not tell him because you don’t want to ruin his good conversation? Isn’t the message of Christ so much more important?”

That was it. I knew without a doubt what I needed to do. I took a few moments to brief myself about the contents of the tract and started walking towards the restaurant.

It literally felt as if the old nature that was resisting me in opening my mouth for Christ was being drug to it’s death. By the time I stepped into the restaurant, all fear was gone. Instead of fear was a strong courage and resolve to accomplish what I had set out to do.

One of the waiters immediately came over to me and offered me a menu, but I declined and motioned that I would like to talk to the owner.

I walked over to the table where Mr. Pizza Man and his friend were seated. I stood there for a moment before he looked up with a questioning gaze.

“I have a special delivery for you”, I said.

“Not for me”, he replied.

“Yes, for you. It’s from me”, I said quietly, extending my hand with the tract.

His next comment wasn’t exactly comforting, yet it wasn’t much different from what I had expected.

“If it has anything to do with church, I don’t want anything to do with it.”

“It’s not about church, it’s about Jesus”, I replied

His reply was every bit as final. He wanted nothing to do with the good news that I was about to offer. At that moment, I offered a departing blessing and walked back onto the brightly lit street.

As I walked back to my house, I was still recovering from the shock of realizing that someone could actually have such hatred for Christ and his church.

I was enabled to pray for him like I’d never prayed before I opened my mouth with the testimony of Christ.

There are several steps that can be taken in evangelism and reaching out to people that you meet every day.

1. Consider

Make a mental list of people that you meet often but have never engaged in a spiritual conversation. Ask God to place a burden on your heart for specific individuals who need to hear the Gospel message.

2. Choose

Choose at least one individual and begin spending time in prayer for that person.

3. Create

Think creatively to come up with ways to interact with the individual that you have selected. The goal is more than just social interaction. Individuals must be brought to the place where they need to respond to Christ’s claim on their lives.

Be sure of this, God wants to use you to bring people into the kingdom, one soul at a time.

God Bless you, David

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